Meet Sarah Tamez, Designer & Owner of Floridiana Design.

MOOD: Playful & Fresh

LOCATION: New Smyrna

As long as I've known Sarah, she's always had a passion for artistry and vintage styles. When she decided to take the leap into a new form of entrepreneurship - turning her artwork into wearable designs - I was immediately attracted to her work!

Her tropical Florida-inspired pieces are vibrant and eye-catching. Naturally, we chose a beachside location to capture a variety of backdrops for her shoot.

From behind-the-scenes to flat lays & modeled shots, we captured a bit of everything at her fun and fresh session.

An artist poses for a behind the scenes photos while she sketches.
Behind the scenes photo of a female artist sketching designs.
An artist sketches Florida wildlife.
Behind the scenes of a Florida inspired artist.
Lay flat of an artists colorful Florida nature inspired designs.
A Florida inspired design featuring springs and manatees.
a bright photo of sea grapes
A portrait of a female Florida vintage inspired artist.
Headshot of a Florida artist.
Headshot of a Florida inspired artist in New Smyrna.
Warm headshot of a Florida artist in New Smyrna on a bicycle.
Florida inspired artist on a boardwalk in New Smyrna
Florida artist on a boardwalk in New Smyrna
bright photo of pink beach flower in the sand sunny day
A woman sitting on a Florida boardwalk in brightly colored designs.
A product photo of a colorful towel inspired by Florida nature