Meet Theresa Lentini-Lopez, CEO of Home1st Lending.

MOOD: Warm & Timeless

LOCATIONs: home session & New York City

This carefree, dedicated boss babe wanted her photos to show a different side of the Home1st CEO. Theresa's heart and soul are tapped into what she refers to as "the culture of caring about people." Through relaxed imagery, she hopes to inspire others and add value to their lives "by keeping it real and personal."

Her session gave the inside scoop on things that give Theresa joy: learning, connecting, and cocinando su comida favorita.

And one of the best parts - we took a trip to her hometown of NYC for some shots in the urban jungle. I'm so excited to share with you some of my favorite shots from her session.

Scroll to connect with Theresa below.

woman chief financial officer checking client message smiling drinking while sitting outside lounge chair
woman in kitchen cutting avocado on counter
photo of woman preparing avocado in kitchen
flat lay photo of guacamole ingredients in kitchen countertop island
lifestyle photo of woman preparing avocado for guacamole ingredients
lifestyle photo of hands scraping with spatula guacamole mix in bowl
head shot photo of woman in kitchen eating chip and guacamole dip
lifestyle photo session of woman chief financial officer placing flowers in vase
woman preparing flowers in a vase for arrangement
woman smiling in kitchen while cutting sunflowers for vase
flat lay image of inspirational quote bread food and a succulent plant
woman chief financial officer outside sitting in lounge chair smiling looking at cell phone
woman chief financial officer sitting by pool smiling reading leadership book
woman chief financial officer of mortgage company reading book on leadership outside by pool
woman ceo reading leadership book
lifestyle image of woman chief financial officer smiling with book on leadership sitting outside by pool