Your alarm goes off.

A sound that, no matter how many times you change the tone, is just as unpleasant as the last. In floods all of the things you need to do today: sort through 57 emails, walk the dog, somehow make time for that phone call you put off all day yesterday... As your mind starts to resemble a Tetris game that fills with blocks much faster than you can clear them, you can't help but feel overwhelmed.

Feel a bit familiar?

Especially for those who are working from home, feeling confident and motivated in the morning can be a challenge. It certainly is something that rings true for me. Switching the gear from being employed to starting a business means that I really have to be in control of how I spent my time. So, I made a plan that has had a positive impact on my mental health and has given me motivation and intention for my day. I end my days feeling so much more accomplished and I've even noticed an improvement in my relationships with others. What are the changes that have made a difference? My routine includes these 4 things:

1. Writing out my schedule for the week on Sunday.

  • Planning the week ahead allows you to prioritize your schedule and recognize if you're biting off more than you can chew.

2. Including 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 mornings per week

  • Regular exercise has been proven to alleviate stress and give you energy!

3. Sharpening my focus by reading a daily Bible text

  • For me, reading and meditating on a Bible verse gives me focus for the day and reminds me of what's truly important.

4. Reading or watching something that educates, motivates, or inspires.

  • The words at Proverbs 1:5 say "a wise person listens and takes in more knowledge." Growth is inherently dependant on the information we consume. If we stop learning, we stop growing.

A final note on #4...

It's incredibly easy to waste time aimlessly searching for something motivational to watch. Finding videos that make an impact on your life and business can be difficult. In my quest to end the aimless searching, I came across a recommendation to check out TED Talks, and ever since, I've been hooked! There are so many talented speakers who educate on a wide variety of topics and they're short enough to watch with your morning cup of coffee (or in my case, tea), which makes them the perfect way to jumpstart your day! Below are just a few of the TED Talks I've personally enjoyed that I think you'll love just as well.

How to Have a Good Conversation - The speaker breaks down 10 ways to improve in your conversation. Incredibly helpful and insightful.

Why People Believe They Can't Draw - Inspires you not to let apprehension get in the way, by teaching you how to draw.

3 Reasons You Aren't Doing What You Say You Will Do - Shares 3 reasons why you may be holding back and how you can overcome the challenge.

Until Next Time!