One in a million.

Sometimes, that's what you feel like among other brands in your niche. I'm sure you already know that standing out is essential. It leads to the recognition that allows you to yield higher profit margins - in basic terms, people are willing to spend more money on brands they know and trust. And as much as you enjoy serving others, you can't pay your bills without profit.

So, how can you build a brand that stands out among the competition?

Target The Ideal Audience

In reality, focus on YOUR ideal audience. Save time and money by shooting your arrows in a way that will hit the target - rather than spitting aimlessly.

Identify your most common consumer to see where your strengths lie. Research competitors to find out what gaps need to be filled. Who needs your services that may be overlooked in the current market? Ask yourself about their specific pain points and how you can address them.

Create An Experience

Everyone wants to feel like more than just a number. This is exactly why a personable experience is crucial. We go to fast food joints for a quick cheap bite, but when we're spending top-dollar at a high-end restaurant we're looking for a fantastic experience.

Want clients to invest more dollars in you? Give them an experience that's unmatched. This can be as simple as sending out client 'thank you's or providing your client with a detailed guide to outline your services and set expectations.

Be Consistent

One reason restaurant chains and retailers are so profitable is because of the systems they have in place to provide consistent products and quality. Creating systems makes it easy to maintain the quality and consistency of your services and products - keeping your clients coming back to you, and not your competitors.

Make Profitable Investments

As business owners, we're constantly calculating and crunching our expenses. But, one of the reasons why so many businesses fall short is that they're afraid to make investments. Most of the time, it's because we're unsure of what investments to make. The two investments at the top of my list: EDUCATION & MARKETING. Why? Regardless of your industry, standards & trends are constantly evolving. And if you're not moving forward with the train, you'll be left behind.

So, keep up-to-date by investing in at least one large course per year or one smaller training each quarter. Invest in quality marketing - whether it's someone to help you keep top of mind by writing blog posts or social media content or someone to keep your portfolio up-to-date with current photos (my shameless plug 😜).

So, there you have it. By honing in on the right clients, creating a high-end experience, being consistent, and investing your time and dollars back into your business you can build a recognizable brand that's trusted & profitable.

Until next time!


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