Ever heard of the phrase "curb appeal"?

When it comes to social media, a consistent Instagram feed is just that! It's what draws people in! It creates more than just likes, but followers who embrace your message and fall in love with your services or product. But how can you get that "oh so lovely", "I just have to move-in" feel to your feed? I'd bet you've already got your brand dialed in, but here are a few tips to take your feed to the next level!

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A curated Instagram feed featuring brand photos.

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On Brand Colors

One of the MOST important things to take a look at is your color scheme! Do you use complementary on-brand colors? Are they consistent? The easiest way to be consistent is by saving your colors to a vision board! (For more on this check, out "How To Create A Vision Board".) Then, incorporate these colors into your graphics and photos.

Eye-Grabbing templates

When it comes to Social Media you will not hear me shouting from the rooftops about anything more than I do about Canva. (And here's my secret - I'm still using the free version.) Canva has plenty of free templates for social media posts, stories, flyers, and more! And you can customize them with your brand colors and favorite fonts to make them your own. It's a great way to get your posts looking more professional and polished - for free!

But, if the thought of creating on-brand templates terrifies you (or you're just short on time) consider hiring a designer (like Danielle at Beholden To You). A good designer has the skills and creativity to understand your brand and incorporate your style into custom templates that are easy to plug and play.


Use a planning app like Planoly to arrange your posts in a way that's visually appealing before you share them. When you plan each post, ask "Is the photo light? Dark? Clean? Busy?" "What colors stand out?" Then, create a pattern by alternating or grouping like photos. Check out the earlier examples and try to pick out the patterns you see in those feeds.

Enhance your feed with elevated photos

Take the time to create elevated photos. Let me first say, I know how hard it is to make time for social content! But, it's the line in the sand that separates the "good" from the "wow!" (And I know if you're here, you're all about that "wow" factor!) Take the time to plan your photos out before you take them. If it's within your budget, work with a brand consultant to guide you in creating your own content. Or consider hiring a brand photographer to help you create several months' worth of content in one photo session.

I know You've got this, and i can't wait to see your feed Glow up!

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