If you're reading this post, you already understand the value of building an authentic brand. One that resonates with the needs of your clients, and helps you to build organic connections that feed sustainability. You probably have about a zillion ideas in your head of what you want your business to say, but putting them on paper is another story.

This is why you NEED a Vision Board. It serves as the focal point of your business. It helps you to filter through those brilliant ideas and acts as the foundation for everything you want your business to say.

As part of your Personal Branding Session, I help you to create your own Vision Board, but today I'll be giving you a step-by-step to get you started on your board right now!

Use a word document, a physical board, or an app such as canva

Start with the method that works best for you. If you are highly tactile, use something tangible like foam or poster board. If you find yourself always on the move or prefer to keep things digital, use an app or website like Canva. One thing I love about Canva is the ability to access my designs from both my mobile app and desktop. Canva also has a variety of built-in templates for vision (or mood) boards. (SCORE!)


When you think of strong brands like Target, Google, or Delta Airlines, what colors come to mind? Did you picture their colors?

Colors are what give the first impression of your business and they distinguish your brand from all the rest. Looking to represent a calm and organic feel? Choose earthy and natural colors. Something more playful or dynamic? Go bold and vibrant.

When deciding your colors, choose 3-5 shades that complement each other. I've included a few color combination samples below, but there are endless possibilities.

Multiple color combinations given as an example for use in branding your business.

Find your images

Just as your colors convey a feeling, so do your images. Think about the needs and pain points of your clients. How do you want them to feel when working with you? Secure? Choose pictures that exude confidence and portray structure. Joyful? Use pictures that are bright and inviting.


The pictures don't only need to include persons or your product. Add details and textures to set the tone for your niche.

Use keywords

Think about 3 keywords that define your brand story. What words should come to the mind of your clients when they think of you or your product?

Be flexible

Your business will change and evolve with time. Look over your board periodically and adjust your images to reflect the focus shift. Or create boards for specific campaigns. Use them to keep your vision in mind. Share them with your team to maintain consistency.

A vision board sample with the words "modern professional classic" and images depicting those words.

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*Disclaimer: All of the lovely images used in the sample vision board were found on Pinterest & Canva and are not of my originality.