Did you know that only about 25% of personal brand sessions are what take place the day of your shoot?

Editing your session is about 30% and the other 45% is all about preparation! Of course, the ultimate goal is to get a gallery of photos you'll be excited to use. So, to get the most value from your shoot, there's some crucial steps you should take.

Evaluate your goals

Look beyond your products and services. Ask yourself: "What do I hope to accomplish with these photos?" "Am I looking to educate my clients, connect with new clients, or inspire?" "How can I achieve this visually?"

Consider your specific needs

Planning ahead for your needs is CRUCIAL to making the most out of your investment! Go through your social and web pages, and look ahead at your calendar for upcoming events you'd like to promote. Then, ask yourself, "What's missing?" "What do I need?" This might include a specific horizontal shot for a header or a shot with you positioned on the left or right to leave space for text. Jot down a few notes and share them with me before your personal brand session.

Research ideas for outfits and locations

Is there a local spot with colors and a feel that fits your brand? Is the location well lit during specific hours? Is there direct light or shade? Is it crowded at certain times of the day? What outfits do you feel your best in? What outfit colors coordinate well with your brand? Try a few items on to see how they look while you're sitting and standing.

Look through photos of yourself

Find your favorite photos and ask yourself: "What do I love about it? Is it my hairstyle? smile? pose?" Is there a side of your face you prefer? Save your faves to a folder on your phone to share with me on the day of your photography session.

Schedule a haircut/color & book hair and makeup

Having a fresh cut and professional makeup really elevates your photos to give them that editorial look and feel. Even with high-end retouching, there are some things that just can't be duplicated! So give yourself a glow-up or a fresh fade before your session.

Communicate with your photographer before and during the session

Ask for second opinions on outfits or props before the session. While on the set, let me know if you're not feeling a particular angle or background. We may not be able to change something after the shoot, so it's always best to speak up during your session.

pinterest photo: how to prepare for a brand session

Need a hand coming up with a plan for your shoot?

All full sessions include a brand strategy call to help get you started! You can also ask about adding one to your mini session as an a la carte service.