A memorable lifestyle session.

If you asked me a year ago what I would be doing in February of 2021, starting my own business would definitely not have come to mind. After nearly a year of COVID chaos, I discovered how much I needed to combine my passion for people and photography. But, even more so, I learned how everything can change in an instant, and how deeply every family deserves to have their time to be together, to laugh, and to feel their love for one another. On February 21st, I had the most wonderful privilege of imparting this gift to my in-laws and their 3 beautiful girls in the backdrop of their stunning home.

Candid photo of mother and daughter sitting and smiling at each other
Candid photo of father and daughter playing guitar during family photo session
Mother and daughter playing during family photo session

It was so special to capture some intimate moments in this comfortable space where the kids felt right at "home" because, well, they were!

Rachel expressed how important reading with the girls was to her. So, encapsulating that moment in time was absolutely precious.

Photojournalistic image of mother reading a book sitting on couch with her three daughters

It was such a blessing to not only be a part of these moments with them as clients, but to see the way each of them truly loves each other brought me to tears; I saw them no longer as in-laws or nieces, but as an endearing parent, an affectionate daughter, a beloved sister and an enamored spouse. It gave me the immeasurable joy and profound understanding of seeing them through a different set of eyes.

Young daughter smiling at father as she dances on table during lifestyle family session
Close up photo of young girl laughing as she reads a children's book
Husband and wife embrace and laugh during their family photo session